Key figures and trends analyzed on Stylight, the product search platform for fashion and interior

Founded in Munich in 2008, Stylight is the go-to destination for finding and comparing fashion and interior products from the best online shops and brands. With more than 1,000 partner shops, Stylight attracts more than 90 million online shoppers each year across 11 international markets

On Stylight Insights, we analyze the browsing and purchasing behavior of our users in order to provide reports on the latest trends as well as insights into important e-commerce figures. Discover them here:

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Searches on Stylight 🔎
Our platform is visited every year by 90 million shoppers, who search for trends and products on Stylight

We analyze data 💻
We monitor and analyze the real-time shopping behavior on Stylight

We see trends 🔥
Through the data we can see which brands and products are the most popular right now

We share our insights 📩
We share our findings on Stylight Insights, a dedicated page for press and industry experts


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We’re happy to provide you with our data insights on e-commerce trends from our 90m yearly shoppers.

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Stylight Insights: Key trends analyzed on Stylight, the go-to destination for comparing fashion and interior products from the best online shops and brands.


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Understand the world of fashion and interior e-commerce, thanks to our insight reports and data:

Want to know more about the current trends? We offer several types of reports based on key figures and data from Stylight – such as summaries of the top fashion and interior trends of the season, trend forecasts based on demand increases, reports on the impact of celebrity influence as well as co-branded reports produced in partnership with shops and brands on Stylight.




Stylight Insights is a dedicated page for press and industry experts, where we publish data-driven reports from real-time shopping data gathered from our 90 million yearly shoppers. On Stylight Insights we also share all the latest news about the fashion and lifestyle industry and upcoming e-commerce and affiliate marketing trends, coming from our 15 years of expertise in the business.